Website breaks down neighborhood crime in Aiken

Website breaks down neighborhood crime in Aiken

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - A website created by the Aiken Department of Public Safety helps keep residents in the know about crime in the area, and it's getting pretty specific.

Residents can actually see crime happening in their own neighborhoods, and not only that, they can see how many calls and what type of crimes are being committed.

Lt. Jason Mahoney with the Aiken Department of Public safety said a lot of the information the public sees is identical to what the deputies use on a daily basis.

"The website shares with our residents some of the same information that we use to direct our patrol in our crime prevention efforts," Mahoney said.

The website breaks down numbers into smaller sections for people to look at so they aren't just looking at the county as a whole.

"Select your neighborhood, pull up your time frame and have a snapshot as to the types of criminal activity and the calls for service that we're responding to in that neighborhood," Mahoney said.

The website updates the numbers on a monthly basis and covers nearly 50 neighborhoods in Aiken County, and lifelong Aiken County resident John Arthur said this is a great tool to have.

"You've got people who want to be informed about what's happening and how best to protect themselves, and be aware of the various kinds of crimes that are particular to their area," Arthur said.
"It also helps them to be aware of current trends in their neighborhood, which helps them to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of crime," said Mahoney.

The Aiken Department of Public Safety is working to update the site to make it more user friendly, and to provide more information to the public.

Arthur agrees that this is a website he will definitely use, and recommends other people use to stay safe and informed.

"I think this is a great step in the right direction and I think they are making an honest effort to inform the public," he said.

To see the crime statistics in your neighborhood, visit the City of Aiken's website.

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