NASCAR NOTES: Chase Lineup Set After Richmond

NASCAR NOTES: Chase Lineup Set After Richmond
Glenn Campbell - "The Lugnut Cowboy"
Glenn Campbell - "The Lugnut Cowboy"

RICHMOND, VA (WFXG) - NASCAR's Chase lineup was set Saturday night after a very uneventful regular season ending under the light at Richmond.

It was supposed to be a very aggressively run race with several drivers needing a win to make the post season. However, Brad Keselowski spoiled the show with a totally dominating performance where he led all but 17 laps during the night.

"The car was fast and the pit crew was flawless. We put all the pieces together tonight," said the race winner.

The win gives Keselowski the number one seed entering the Chase and that is something that Brad is really proud of.

"I'm very proud of the result that comes from it," continued Keselowski. "A win and what it means in the bigger picture as being the number one seed entering the Chase. That's really something and we want to keep this going as we go through the next ten weeks."

As Keselowski basked in his position, several other drivers in the Chase know that their Championship hopes are a long shot at best but, they aren't giving up easily.

"We're going to go after this thing, we have nothing to lose," said Greg Biffle. We are in fifteenth place and the only way we can go is up."

"We're going into the Chase as pretty big underdogs," said Richard Petty Motorsports driver Aric Almirola. "We don't have a lot of pressure on us so, we are going to let it all hang out and see what happens over the next 10 weeks."

As Biffle and Almirola have a long road ahead of them, Carl Edwards and Kurt Busch have a lot to prove to their team in the post season.

"We won earlier this year but, it came as a surprise," said Busch after the event. "It came when we were underdeveloped. I'm glad we ran through the summer months strong, consistent, and developed this 41 team into a contender."

"Now it's our time to go perform for Jack as he's performed for us. Everyone at Roush-Fenway Racing has given so much and to end on a high note and win this Championship would be spectacular."

Keselowski's biggest competitive threat will come from a trio of drivers from the Hendrick Motorsports camp that have battled him all season.

"Hopefully we'll be one of those teams going into battle in Homestead," commented Dale Earnhardt Jr. from his third position seed. "As a company, I don't believe we can be any more prepared than we are."

Who prevails as NASCAR's 2014 Champion is a total guess at this point. However, I'm sure that with the new format, it will be exciting.

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