Donnie Smith resigns from seat on Augusta Commission

Donnie Smith resigns from seat on Augusta Commission

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Donnie Smith has resigned as District 7 Augusta Commissioner, Mayor Deke Copenhaver said Monday.

"It's just been an unfortunate situation," Copenhaver said but he also said he wasn't surprised. 

"I thought that this would be the way that it would play out and I support his move," the mayor said. "I think he's doing the right thing."

Georgia State Patrol released a report last week that said Smith falsified his time sheets during 2014 Masters Week, saying that he was working when he wasn't.

But the mayor said Smith hasn't violated any policies as a commissioner.

"Not to the best of my knowledge. This has to do with his work for the Georgia State Patrol."

Still the mayor sees Smith's resignation as the best move for the commission. He also said there could likely be someone to take Smith's place soon.

"The commission has the authority to appoint somebody to that seat until we have a special election. Hopefully we can have some internal dialogue and fill the seat so that the seventh district can have representation."

Smith retired from his position with Georgia State Patrol earlier this month.

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