Local church hosts honor service for emergency responders in the CSRA

Local church hosts honor service for emergency responders in the CSRA

CLEARWATER, SC (WFXG) - The bravery, courage and strength of the men and women in the CSRA.

"This is the time for us as first responders to come together and fellowship," Aiken Department of Public Safety Director Charles Baranco said.

An honor service was held for the local heroes who put their life on the line every day in the community.

"This is really put on by our people, the people of Lakeside Baptist Church," said Tad Marshall, pastor of Lakeside Baptist Church, "and they wanted to look at the first responding community and tell them that they're making a difference in their lives and we're grateful for what they're doing because they put their lives on the line to rescue our lives and to make our lives better."

This service is held bi-yearly, and since the last service in 2012, there were 26 emergency response personnel who lost their lives.

And some showed up today to just say thank you - thank you for giving them another chance at life.

Charles Voldness was working as a security officer when he was shot in the head by a man trying to rob the store. And if it wasn't for emergency responders coming to protect him and get him to safety right away, he probably would've lost his life.

"Despite what they do, we need them and I'm glad they're around because if they wouldn't have been there, it would've been a different story," Voldness said.

"I know the value of the first responders, or EMS, or police officers. They are all fantastic!" said Kathleen Daughetry, a member of Lakeside Baptist Church.

And making a difference in the life of others is what matters the most.

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