Aiken Makin' brings business downtown

Aiken Makin' brings business downtown

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - For 38 years, Aiken Makin' has brought major business for the historic downtown.

"It was a blessing they accepted my application and allowed me to come," say Phillippe Cummings of Brown Paper Bag Art.

Aiken of Chambers volunteer, Beverly Bradberry say, "it's just advertised and talked about and I was talking to people today about how they find out about it, 'oh my friend told me, my co-worker, or it was in the newspaper'."

Many folks filled the streets to enjoy creative work from jewelry, clothing, paintings, woodcrafts, and much more.

"I decided to use the brown paper bag as an accent. It was all material that was at hand and it was inexpensive, but it made a beautiful display," say Cummings.

More than 200 vendors, some old and new to showcase their creative work.

Mike Kleiman say"this is my first year that I'm showing here in aiken makin', I visited in the past."

But what is it that gets the people coming back year after year.

Bradberry, "everything here has to be handmade and that's not something you can go buy in the store"

And with a major crowd comes major business.

Owner of Aiken Art and Custom Framing, Tim Conway say "we get so many new customers that find out about us and say 'oh my gosh I can't believe you've been here for nine years'."

The two-day event is coming to an end, but it is already got people excited for next year.

Kleiman say, "it's been a tiring ad fruitful day being here, it's wonderful. I hope to be here next year, ."

from kids, adults and even some four-legged friends - this is an event you wouldn't want to miss.

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