Congressman backed by local business, Chamber of Commerce

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Club Car of Augusta and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are throwing their support behind District 12 Congressman John Barrow's re-election campaign.

Both announced their backing at Club Car on Washington Road Friday, which said the congressman's pro-business agenda can help the area.

"A strong support and a pro-business agenda by congressman barrow helps not only club car but businesses coming into this region." Club Car CEO and President Marc Dufour said.

Congressman Barrow said it's good to have their support.

"I'm proud to have their endorsement in this election as I have in years past because I believe it's our job in Washington to do everything we can to create a climate which business enterprises in this country can do what private enterprise does best, which is create the products folks want and jobs that have lasting value in the market place," Congressman Barrow said.

And he said especially during election time, he's glad the Chamber of Commerce is in his corner to clear up any confusion voters might have.

"All I hope it does is give folks a place where they can turn," Congressman Barrow said, "where they can sort out the truth for themselves when they hear conflicting claims about who votes for what."

Election day for the U.S. house of representatives will be November 4th.

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