Police increase over Labor Day Weekend helps keep ticket numbers down

Police increase over Labor Day Weekend helps keep ticket numbers down

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The numbers are in from the "Hands Across the Border" effort and the Labor Day Weekend crackdown.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office Traffic Division said they made three DUI arrests for the Hands Across the Border event Thursday, but for the entire holiday weekend, they cuffed 16 people for DUI. Sgt. Danny Whitehead with the Traffic Division said these numbers are actually pretty normal.

"Each holiday, obviously, if it's something that's known as a drinking holiday, we may bring a few extra officers in hoping to deter those from taking that chance of drinking and driving," he said

The Hands Across the Border effort was a movement the Sheriff's Office made sure the public knew about last week.

"We actually put it out there through the media and tried to get everyone's attention to let them know that it's going on. Maybe that deters folks from coming out and drinking and driving, which we gladly accept and hope it does," Sgt. Whitehead said.

Richmond County residents like Tia Dent agree that the media alert was a good thing, and it's something the Sheriff's Office should continue. 

"Publicizing it, making the citizens know 'Hey, they will enforce. They're going to have more police officers out,' that would be definitely a great way to keep people from drinking and driving."

Police also recorded the number of people who didn't have a proper child safety seat. This year, nine people got tickets, and Whitehead said that number is still too high.

"It's definitely a concern. Every time we have a road check, child safety seats, and the cases that we make are always at a high number. Obviously just one is too many," he said. 

"Seeing nine still, to me, is a significant number. It definitely needs to be zero. If you have a child, that needs to be the top priority. When you put the child in the car, you need to make sure they are in the seatbelt," said Dent.

As for the Sheriff's Office, safety has been and will be the number one goal.

"We're still pushing. Our main goal is to keep fatalities down. That's our number one goal and also to decrease crashes within Richmond County, and right now we feel that we're ahead of the game," said Sgt. Whitehead.

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