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Georgia State Patrol: Donnie Smith violated state law while working as trooper


Georgia State Patrol officials say Augusta Commissioner Donnie Smith violated state law and his oath of office while working as a state trooper. 

Smith is accused of falsifying his time sheets during 2014 Masters Week. Investigators with GSP said that Smith was working private security with a business called Augusta Sports & Travel despite the fact that he reported himself as on-duty with GSP. 

Mayor Copenhaver say,"it's just an unfortunate set of circumstances."

When interviewed by GSP, Smith admitted that he only worked three to five hours during Masters Week, which was between April 7 and 11, but Smith said he did not get paid by Augusta Sports & Travel. 

Smith said he was just "hanging out" out with friends at the Augusta Sports & Travel house near the Masters Tournament, according to the GSP report. He did say that the company paid him a finder's fee in December 2013 for helping them get a contract with a beer company for Masters Week. 

But the report from Georgia State Patrol says, "It stretches the imagination that Smith would spend more than 10 hours per day at Augusta Sports & Travel without compensation." 

The report says Smith violated state law and his oath of office by falsifying time sheets and receiving compensation from GSP when he wasn't working.

During further investigation, GSP officials said they found "sexually suggestive images from e-mails and files stored on both of Smith's DPS (Department of Public Safety) issued computers."

Smith retired last week from his position as a lieutenant with GSP after working for the agency for 21 years. He has been the District 7 commissioner since December 2012. 

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