Aiken Department of Public Safety testing body cameras for officers

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - The Aiken Department of Public Safety is considering adding body cameras to their officers' uniforms.

"We see the benefits of our officers having that piece of equipment," said Lt. Jason Mahoney. "Serves as an evidentiary value. It can record what the officers see at the moment."

Having the body cameras recording would be helpful for the department in many situations, including criminal domestic violence investigations and fire inspections for the city's fire service personnel, Mahoney said.

The body cams can be worn virtually anywhere and will be more reliable than dash cam video.

"Most of the time officers rely on the video cameras in their patrol cars, which we've been using for over 24 years," Mahoney said, "but we find that a lot of times officers are away from their patrol vehicles and can't rely on that video evidence to help document."

Mahoney admits the cameras have limitations because they only record what is right in front of the camera, but some who live and work in Aiken say the technology can only help.

"Anything that's done that helps deter crime and prevent crime is a positive thing," said Dick Rudisill, co-owner of Cindi's Sweet Shop.

Aiken Department of Public Safety officials said they have been considering these cameras for about a year and will continue to test other models until they've found the camera best suited for the force.

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