High 5 4 Kids: Angelica Duthie

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - She may be fighting a medical condition, but she's also fighting to not let it hold her back.

Meet Angelica Duthie, a senior at Burke County High School.

"She gives everything 100 percent," says Angelica's mom, Laverne Duthie.

Angelica suffers from spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, a disease that she hasn't allowed to define her.

"I only have one shot in life just like everybody else and I want to make sure that my life is the best that I can make it," Angelica said, "and I go for any possibilities that I can possibly go for."

Burke County High Principal Sam Adkins said Angelica is "an inspirational student."

"She has shown us over the last few years how she could take something that would - to many other students - be a disability or a hindrance, and she turned it into something positive," Adkins said.

Angelica is also a honor student taking all Avanced Placement courses.

"She's a scholarly young lady. She's proven herself to be very academic. She's very successful in the classroom. She participates in a lot of student organizations, and she's part of the marching band," Adkins said. "She's in our theatre department, and she has shown us that she can be very multi-talented and dimensional."

And to make things even better, Angelica has managed to get offers from major schools such as Yale and Cornell.

Angelica's AP statistics teacher Erica Goode said Angelica is showing her fellow classmates that anything is possible.

"We're in a time now where kids think that everything is impossible, and to see her to be able to go out there and these big schools really recruiting her, really wanting her, is outstanding, and I'm just so proud of her," Good said. "She is just proof that these kids, they can think beyond these borders that we put around them and go further than they ever thought they could."

Angelica was also a part of Camp To Be Independent (Camp TBI), a camp for children and young adults who suffer from major illnesses.

The camp allows them to have new experiences and teaches them to go after their goals, while making new friends.

"It does her wonders, just like for the other kids," said Angelica's mom, Laverne Duthie. "It's fantastic to be able to be with your peers and just enjoy yourself, because otherwise, how many parties does she get invited to?"

Despite the odds against her, Angelica definitely has some major plans ahead.

"She want to go to law school and after that become a politician and hopefully be a part of our government which would change how American society is for the better, " her mom said.

And no matter what she's faced with, she plans to do just that.

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