Red Cross urging preparedness this September

Augusta Red Cross urging people to prepare this month

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - September is National Preparedness Month for the Red Cross and Augusta Chapter volunteer Jana Hill said they are urging families to participate.

"Prepare a kit for your home so in case you have to shelter, you will have information and things you need, like medication anyone in your family is taking and important documents," Jana Hill said.

Hill said the general rule of thumb is plan for things you don't expect to happen, like medical emergencies, natural disasters and even first aid for your pet.

"Make a plan that includes contact information and a place to meet in case everyone gets separated," Hill said.

She said in a weather emergency, have non-perishable items in your kit, such as crackers and peanut butter.

"Pack things that don't need to be refrigerated," Hill said.

Hill said having information together ahead of time can also help officials help you a little better.

"In the event they have to come here to the Red Cross, if they had our information, it will be so much easier for us to accommodate them, "Hill said.

Hill also said the Red Cross has disaster apps you can use on your smartphone. To access them, head to

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