Anime lovers want to bring convention to CSRA

Anime lovers want to bring convention to CSRA

MARTINEZ, GA (WFXG) - Dozens of people went to the Level Up in Martinez to play games on Labor Day but this time it was for an even bigger cause.

The popular gaming center held a fundraiser, on Monday, to raise money and awareness for A'gamacon. It's an anime and gaming convention looking to come to the CSRA.

In addition to games, there were vendors and food for the public. Organizers of the event said it was a good turnout.

"People are really excited and really pumped. You see all the supporters that came today," said Monica Gauded, who serves as the public relations officer for the group. "They want the convention in Augusta and we're really excited to give it to them."

"I know that our town, Augusta, can bring that to the surface. We have a beautiful town. I want the rest of the nation, if not, the world, to know this," John Gibbs, the director, said.

Gibbs said they are planning to have a convention in 2016.

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