Local shop talks bike safety after cyclist was struck on bike

Local shop talks bike safety after cyclist was struck on bike

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A cyclist's worst nightmare is being hit by a car and that happened just days ago in Augusta, according to a report filed with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

The report said a cyclist made an illegal turn on Millegeville Rd near Olive road when he was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

"It's always sad to hear a cyclist being hit," said Robert Earnest who works at Chain Reaction Bicycles in Martinez.

"Usually it's either rider error or driver error," Earnest continued.

The police report revealed the incident was rider error.

"Cyclists need to be very aware of the rules of cycling," said Earnest. "They can be found on web sites like Georgia Cycling or just ask your local bike shop about specific rules."

The man who was hit fortunately was not badly hurt and was treated at the scene.

Earnest stressed the importance of wearing proper gear when riding on the street.

"It's very important for cyclists to wear the proper safety gear," said Earnest, "whether it be bright helmets and clothing. Definitely be lit up and wear brightly colored clothing and lights."

The report said the driver of the vehicle remained on scene and no charges were filed.

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