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Casting call held in Opelika

Opelikans of all ages came out to audition for the movie "White Water" on Sunday.
     "I've been acting at a lot at school and home and at my church too. Really getting ready for things I would possibly do in the future," said Christopher Cole Jackson, who auditioned for a speaking role in the film.

     The movie is adapted from a children's book that tells the story of a young African-American boy who wishes to drink from a whites only fountain during segregation. The author based the book on personal experience. 

     "Michael Bandy grew up in Opelika Alabama. His childhood was here and the story really takes place here, " said Rusty Cundieff,  director of the film.  "It's all about his journey here in Opelika when he was about 7 years old. So we had to come back here to do it."

     "Were things perfect, no. Were they scary? Of course!" said Michael Bandy, author of White Water. "But I can't say that I grew up in a horrible time. It's actually my experience growing up in Opelika that was the premier for me as a man today." 

     Despite being based on a children's book, the film has a serious message.   

     "I look at this really as a film about perception vs. reality and the fact that how we perceive people and how perceive events and situations is not always accurate and that's really what this film is about" 

     And for those who auditioned, the waiting game begins.
     "I think it went fine. I think. I'm pretty sure it went fine," said Matt Oliver

The movie will be filming in Opelika from Mid-Septemeber to Mid-October.

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