Aiken county increases patrol on Labor Day

Aiken county increases patrol on Labor Day

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - Let's kiss summer goodbye - but let's not get too reckless.

"I'm sure the city will be fine, but you know there's always someone who gets out of hand. So, it'll be good to have them around," said resident Brian Nedimyer.

"Just being out there and being visible letting citizens know we're out there," said Sergeant Jennifer Bickel.

This Labor Day, The Aiken Department of Public Safety will be pulling a tight force on your day off.

Sergeant Bickel say, "our main concern is to keep everybody on the roadway safe. So each and every driver just maintain responsibility for themselves, be safe drivers, don't text and drive, and by all means don't drink and drive."

Aiken State Park Rangers say they will also take on a similar task.

Park Ranger, Michael Reid say "The main thing we want to do is we want to be outside watching and making sure that people are following the rules so that everybody is safe."

But before you head to the park - here's a few rules.

"Alcohol is not permitted in the state park, so we want to make sure that everybody's following that rule. Another thing is being safe in the swimming area, a lot of people will be coming out specifically to swim and we want to make sure that everything run smoothly," said Reid.

But some folks think the city shouldn't have much to worry about.

Nedimyer say, "I don't have any concerns, but I think it's definitely a time when people get out of hand. They think it's the end of the summer, they got to have one last party before winter comes."

Vanessa Steiner say, "they're going to be caught doing things that they shouldn't be doing and the police are doing their job."

Just remember to be safe and do it responsibly - Happy Labor Day.

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