Bar and restaurant workers help keep drunk drivers off the roads

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Hands Across the Border effort is putting extra law enforcement officers out on the roads during the busy Labor Day weekend, but they aren't the only ones keeping people safe.

Bar and restaurant managers and workers are stepping up to the plate to help make sure people leaving their businesses aren't getting behind the wheel if they're under the influence.

Robert Tankersley is the manager for Rinehart's Oyster Bar, and he's perfected a method to help patrons that may be a bit too drunk stay safe.

"For one we'll take their keys and we'll call a cab," he said.

He also takes note of what people are drinking when they order a round of alcoholic beverages.

"The drinks that, you know, call for more than two or three alcohols, we just limit them to two anyways," Tankersley said.

Bar patrons like Marshall Frank appreciate the extra help to keep people safe.

"One of my friends, he was actually in a drunk driving accident. It wasn't his fault, he was hit by a drunk driver and it really did affect him a lot. So it does make me feel good knowing that they're doing extra and putting in extra time to make sure drunk drivers stay off the road," Frank said.

If an employee sees someone that's too drunk, they'll offer them water, food, and can even call them a cab.

"It saves them a DUI, or a death, or just an accident of any type," said Frank.

For Tankersley, safety has been and always will be his number one priority for his customers.

"Safety is first for me anyway. I mean, I would rather save a life than make a couple extra dollars," Tankersley said.

The Hands Across the Border effort continues through Labor Day, and officials are expected to release a statement with the number of tickets issued over the holiday weekend.

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