Aiken Elementary ask for full parental support

Aiken Elementary ask for full parental support

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - It may be early in the school year, but the "Parent Teacher Association" as well as administrators at Aiken Elementary are taking on a big task. They want full parental support.

Principal Rebecca Koelker say, "children are used to having adults around them all the time at school, but they're not used to having their parents come to school."

Parents have a major effect on their children and doing their part inside the classroom can make a huge difference.

Keisha Uhle, the school guidance counselor say "I know and statistics show and research shows that when a parent is involved in their child's education, the child succeeds."

And that's what they plan to do, reach every child by any means necessary.

"Parents are partners, we consider parents as partners here. Everything that we do is enhanced and enriched by having parents partner with us in what we do," said Principal Koelker.

It's very common for a child to always have a female presence around, but Aiken Elementary found a way to reach out to dads as well.

Principal Koelker said "it's great because a lot of our children don't have male role models as much as we would like for them to and the fathers give different eyes."

Uhle say, "they come, they sign up for a day they come and spend an entire day, they're involved in their child's classroom, they are also involved in four other classrooms in for about a 30 minute session in whatever capacity the teacher would like them."

Aiken Elementary plans to take their students to greater heights and to provide a great foundation for the children to forever depend on.

"We're making it known, you don't have to be involved on the level that I am. You don't have to be at the school as much as your children are you can pick and choose be here 5 minutes here or 30 minutes there, any help that you give is welcomed and appreciated not just by us but by the teachers and children," said PTA President Susan Vernon.

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