Former Atlanta Braves player visits CSRA

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Former Atlanta Braves player Dale Murphy made his way to the CSRA, signing autographs and meeting fans.

"I'm missing baseball, that's what I do every day," Murphy said.

"It's hard to figure out where the time has gone," Murphy said. "This is my 21st year being retired and being able to reconnect with the fans is something you appreciate the older you get. You know when you're playing you're kind of involved with your playing so much but now it really makes you thankful for the years you were able to play."

But being 21 years out of the game, Murphy still keeps a close eye on the Atlanta Braves.

"I follow the Braves as much as I can, and it's not hard to do now-a-days with the Internet and the phones and everything, so I know you know I know what's going on," Murphy said.

Murphy also gave his predictions on the Braves making play-offs.

"There's still a chance to catch the nationals, but you know the odds aren't great but September can be kind of interesting as we've all learned and as the Braves have learned, you know they put a pretty good odd street together but the important thing is getting in the playoffs and I think they got an excellent chance at being there. They're right there."

And he didn't leave without giving his aspiring players some advice.

"Kids, just stick with it, because it's hard at a young age but it gets better and better, and it's just one of the greatest games ever invented, so stick with it and have fun and parents and coaches make sure it is fun for them."

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