Red Cross urging safety first this holiday weekend

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Red Cross of Augusta is offering safety tips for this Labor Day weekend.

Experts say if you're packing up and heading out of town, bring even the things you think you won't need just in case.

"Make sure you have medication and important documents," Red Cross Augusta Volunteer Jana Hill said.

The Red Cross also suggests drivers phone a friend before hitting the road.

"Make sure somebody knows where your destination is," Hill said. "If you're not traveling with a group, let them know where you're going to go and what time you're expected to be there."

And they said if you're going to be on the water, use extra precautions.

"If you're in the pool with a young child or someone you know who does not swim well, stay close to them so in the case that they get in a panic you will be there to bring them back to safety as soon as possible," Hill said.

The Red Cross also suggests all life jackets worn be Coast Guard approved and stay within an arm's length of a weak swimmer or small child near water.

To download helpful safety apps from the Red Cross, head to

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