Haley releases new campaign ad targeting bullying

Haley releases new campaign ad targeting bullying

COLUMBIA, SC (WFXG) - Telling the story of an eighth grader who wrote a suicide note after being bullied in school, Governor Nikki Haley is taking a strong stance against bullying.

"Here is a girl, who was desperately reaching out, because she had been bullied so much, she had nowhere else to turn," said Gov. Haley, in a recent campaign ad.

The ad goes on to say the governor actually sat down with the girl - and her mom - to tell them everything was going to be okay in the end.

"And the one thing I wanted her to know was that we were going to take care of her, we were going to find a solution to her problem, no matter what it took," said Gov. Haley, in the campaign ad.

"I was very surprised when I picked up the phone, and she said this is Nikki Haley. And she said, Amanda, I want you to go to school and hold your head up high, because I have your back."

Both Haley and Democratic challenger Senator Vincent Sheheen have made what goes on inside the classroom a prime talking point of their campaigns. Sheheen addressed state education during a recent campaign stop.

"And I see simple solutions that we have to focus on and demand, and number one is making sure we have early childhood education, universal 4k in every county," said Sen. Sheheen.

South Carolina's schools are expected to be a big focus going into the November elections.

To see the latest Haley campaign ad, click here.

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