The Children's Hospital of Georgia hangs ribbons for Children's Cancer Awareness

The Children's Hospital of Georgia hangs ribbons for Children's Cancer Awareness

The gold ribbons hanging on trees outside the Children's Hospital of Georgia represents the bravery, courage and strength of children who survived cancer.

Julia grace was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two -four years later, grace is in remission and today she has so many reasons to smile.

"I'm strong, I'm tough and I can take that kind of stuff," said Julia Grace.

Almost 13,000 children younger than 21 are diagnosed with cancer every year in the U.S.

Children's Hospital of Georgia Administrator said, "we're here as an awareness but as a celebration of these children. not the celebration of the disease but the celebration of the children and the strength and courage that they bring to the children's hospital and the families. it just keeps me coming to work every day."

Families and patients hung ribbons today to celebrate those who survived as well as those who continue their battle.

Mumford say, "seeing them in camps, seeing them in the hospital, laugh and smile and run down the side walk is just a pride thing for me especially the staff, doctors who have dedicated their lives to helping children with cancer but children with all kinds of illnesses."

But for some families, the children's hospital has been more than a place for treatment.

Parent Keeli Lillard say, "they are not doctors and nurses, they're family. I mean really and truly they have been with us every step of the way. We have access to them still now 24/7."

The ribbons will hang the entire month of September for National Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

The Children's Hospital of Georgia plans to raise funds for research and family support, visit to send your donations today.

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