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Does It Work: Chop Magic

We're back in the kitchen on this week's Does It Work, testing the Chop Magic. It's the fast and easy way to slice and dice.

Out of the box, the Chop Magic has some assembly that is required.

Two cutting tools, a slicer and a dicer, attach to the main base. Your own energy and pressure powers the chopping action by pushing downward on the Chop Magic.

We had an all-star lineup of fruits and vegetables to test including tomatoes, carrots and garlic.

The Chop Magic clearly advertises this process taking only three easy steps: Build it. Push down. Store inside.

It's that fast and easy.

Guess what? It's not that easy.

With no fruit and veggie prep, what happens is a squished tomato with liquid mess both inside and outside the Chop Magic. Garlic that gets flattened, not chopped. And sore arms as you try and pound a carrot through.

In our test, the Chop Magic only worked correctly when we pre-prepped our food by cutting into very small slices. Once we did that, it looked much better.

So when prepared properly the Chop Magic performs satisfactorily with certain fruits and veggies. But with other fruits and veggies this is a little tougher of a process than the commercial might lead you on to believe. So we'll give the Chop Magic a sometimes, but understand you may get more of a workout than you bargained for.

The Chop Magic can be found locally for about $20.

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