Paine College football team brings community together at FanFest

Paine College football team brings community together at FanFest

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Paine College is bringing back their football team after 51 years, and Saturday afternoon the CSRA had the chance to come out and support the team at the FanFest Celebration.

Denzel Dillingham is a junior at Paine College and said he can't wait for the season to start.

"I'm a big fan of football, so going to a school that doesn't have football and then finally getting the chance to relive some football Friday nights...but Saturday now in college, I'm excited," he said.

The FanFest today featured a scrimmage from the football team as well as a chance for the college community to come together over their love of the game.

"It brings us together as a whole," said sophomore D'Juan McGruder.

Aalyha Wright is a sophomore, and said this is bringing more than just the college together.

"I know it's a historically black college but we do have other cultures on our team, other races, all coming out and supporting the same cause, and I think it will bring a lot of good vibes to our school," she said. 

After the big announcement last year, people have been counting down to kickoff.

"We got ready a year ago when we first heard it.  I got ready when we played club football. so I'm ready for it," said McGruder.

With kickoff only a few weeks away, students at Paine College are ready to show the state that their school is officially back on the map for football.

For more information on the football team and season tickets, head to the Paine College Athletics website.

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