Michelle Nunn visits Augusta

Michelle Nunn visits Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn stopped in Augusta on Friday and she called out her competitor David Perdue.

"I pointed out. I said 'look we have someone who says they are for something different but they are for the government shutdown," Nunn said. "I don't think that's what we want to go towards and we don't want to have more of that kind of dysfunction, they kind of gridlock that's emblematic of what people are ready to change."

Nunn and Perdue faced-off for the first time in Macon for a debate Thursday. Nunn said she believes Perdue is no different than the republicans currently serving in the senate.

"They are against the bipartisan farm bill that was passed," Nunn said. "They're against comprehensive immigration reform. So it just sounds like more of the same from Washington."

During the debate, Perdue criticized democratic policies and the 18-trillion dollar debt. He claimed another 86 trillion dollars is coming in unfunded future liabilities.

"That totals over 100 trillion dollars that's one million dollars for every household in our country it's the greatest threat to our national security and our very way of life," Perdue said.

Perdue also made the point that unemployment in Georgia was high.

"Today we have fewer people working than we've had since Jimmy Carter was president," said Perdue. "The majority of small businesses have either stopped hiring or cut back hiring because of over regulation."

Still Michelle Nunn says she is the best candidate for getting things done.

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