TCM gets new broadcasting equipment thanks to grant

High School gets broadcasting grant

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - 11th grader Torien Smith was ready to unpack new broadcasting equipment Thursday at Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School.

"I want to have a certificate in digital and social media,"Smith said. "I want to plan to be a photographer."

The Education Sports and Entertainment Network delivered the $20,000 grant from the state of Georgia.

Broadcasting teacher Al Young said it will be a big help in shaping student's futures.

"The grant helps students from Georgia who are in audio visual technology," Young said. "So many schools don't have the money to buy industry standard equipment and this grant, because these guys are so generous, will provide the opportunity for thousands of students around Georgia."

Officials said 105 high schools across the state are going to open the same boxes, that they wouldn't have otherwise had because of tied up state budgets.

Some students said they aren't sure if they'll go into broadcasting, but believe the equipment could help them in other ways.

"I'm more in the medical field right now, but if i were to do my own TV show, I would have the experience," Deaingela Ingram said. "That's two jobs in one."

"A blessing that my children are going to get to experience this," Young said.

Young said the new equipment they got today is like a studio in a box and will help make dreams come true.

"A blessing that my children are going to get to experience this," Young said.

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