Johnston home burglarized for copper

Johnston home burglarized for copper

A Trenton woman said she is out of thousands of dollars after a Johnston home she's having remodeled was broken into.

According to an incident report filed with the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office, the home, along the 400 block of Weaver Road, was broken into earlier this week. The wiring had been pulled from the walls and ceiling.

We spoke to an investigator off camera who said the thieves were after the copper wire inside the house and were probably trying to sell it.

There is a rule in South Carolina, however, that might prevent these thieves from being able to sell the stolen goods. A person must obtain a non ferrous metals permit from the sheriff's office to complete any legal transaction. 

"You would actually have to have that permit," said Jeffrey Brewer, co-owner of Brewer's Scrap Metal in Trenton. "You need to show it each time you come to a window of a scrap metal facility and you can pretty much then sell anything except for copper A/C cords."

Brewer said while they cannot catch everyone right away the permits are do help in discouraging copper thieves.

"They are definitely slowing down on the copper theft but thieves are smart," Brewer said. "So they're going to try to figure out other ways to do it without trying to get one of these permits but we're going to shut it down real quick."

Brewer said they haven't had someone try to sell stolen metal at their shop in a while. 

No suspects have been named and the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office said this investigation is still open.

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