Burgers and "Shakes" brings deputies and citizens together

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta Native Kim Lind said she didn't know the Richmond County Sheriff's Office had so much equipment until she attended Burgers and "Shakes" Thursday.

"I was surprised, "Lind said. "There's a lot of Bomb Squad and Task Force equipment."

Burgers and "Shakes" kicked off on Augusta Common at 11a.m. Citizens like Lind were welcome to grab a burger, a milkshake and get to know deputies.

"On a day like this, you see a person," Sheriff Richard Roundtree said. "You don't just hear a voice. They tell you how things work."

He said community involvement is a huge part of the success rate when it comes to fighting crime.

"Our crime numbers are down in every category because people are getting involved," Sheriff Roundtree said.

The Sheriff recently asked commissioners to consider increasing salaries for his deputies, who start out at a salary of $29,148.86. The state average is $34,726.36.

"They do law enforcement because they love it, but they have to pay the bills," Sheriff Roundtree said.

Lind said she thinks a day like Burgers and "Shakes" can help deputies get more support from the community.

"I think any event the department sponsors would help cut down on crime and develop a relationship that will help reduce crime in Richmond County," Lind said.

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