High 5 4 Kids: Josh Yates

High 5 4 Kids: Josh Yates

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It's safe to say Josh Yates is a smart 16-year-old.

"I'm coming up with character designs, gear and equipment on paper."

Josh was sketching things he can build with technology Wednesday at The Clubhou.se in Downtown Augusta.

But he doesn't just want to do this for himself. Yates said he wants to inspire other people around him.

"It gets students and classmates thinking about those types of things and thinking outside of the box, "Yates said. "Technology is out there for them to use, but they probably never think about that."

The Silverbluff High School Junior said one day he wants to open his own tech company.

"In some country, there's a drought right now, so why not build robots that dig wells? People don't do that it seems," Josh said.

Mom and dad said Josh has been building things and tinkering with technology since he was little.

"We bought him legos and he loved them," Lillian Yates said. "He was always building. Once he built the kit, he would start building other things."

As for right now, Josh said he's looking forward to college.

"I'm looking to major in computer science or possibly aerospace engineering," Josh said. "Robotics is another possibility."

Dad said he's proud of Josh and wants him to keep his options open for the future.

"He talks about computers, but I say don't close your mind to other options," Douglas Yates said.

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