Grovetown man encourages residents to sign petition for firing of police chief

Grovetown man encourages residents to sign petition for firing of police chief

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - A Grovetown man being investigated by the District Attorney's office is saying he was wrongfully accused. In fact Samuel Cline is working diligently to get Grovetown Public Safety Chief Gary Owens fired.

"They're good people but they're just in a position in which they don't know what to do with," Cline said.

Cline has been asking the people of Grovetown to sign a petition, asking the mayor to relieve Chief Owens of his duties.

"We need someone in this position to take care of our community," said Cline.

Cline said he was wrongfully arrested and accused of aiding two inmates who escaped from the Grovetown Detention Center in late July.

"I was not aware, at all, that he broke out of jail because he had street clothes on," Cline defended himself.

Yet Cline says he sat in jail for 21 days, before being granted bond and while behind bars, he said matters got worse. Someone broke into his home.

"They stole my chainsaw," Cline said. "They stole change and they stole stuff I will never be able to replace again. I have a small business. I'm trying to build up business. Not have someone to run me down."

Cline also said when he tried to speak with Grovetown Public Safety Chief Gary Owens about the situation, the conversation didn't go well.

"He was very violent and angry and cussing like no other, in there, and they threw me in the holding cell," Cline said. "I stayed in the holding cell for about 4 hours."

We went to talk to Owens about the situation but he refused to comment on camera. He said he was not involved with Cline's arrest and he was not aware that Cline was circulating a petition to get him fired.

We also contacted Grovetown Mayor George James who told us he couldn't comment on Cline's case because Cline is being investigated by the district attorney's office for allegedly aiding escaped inmates.

Still Cline remains his innocence and said he will continue to collect signatures and present them to city council.

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