Deputies urge safety first to and from school

Deputies urge safety to and from school

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County Deputies are reminding parents that no matter how kids get to school this year, safety needs to come first.

They recommend parents teach kids how to dial 9-1-1, especially if they're walking home from school.

"Let them know that the sheriff's office isn't bad," Sgt. Michael McDaniel said. "Let them know it's ok to flag Richmond County down if it seems like someone is following you."

He recommends teaching kids to keep both eyes peeled for anything that just doesn't look right.

"If someone is offering you candy, run, scream and cause as much of commotion as you can," Sgt. McDaniel said.

Sgt. McDaniel said walkers shouldn't try to take shortcuts. Have a route to and from school planned out.

"Develop a routine of walking home," Sgt. McDaniel said.

But parent Linda Habersham said she isn't comfortable with the idea of kids walking home.

"It's very dangerous," Habersham said. "Cars are passing and kids can get hit. It's not right."

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office said they do monitor school zones and will issue fines for anyone caught speeding through them.

To check out some of the fines, head to

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