Richmond Co. school board votes in Angela Pringle as superintendent

Richmond Co. school board votes in Angela Pringle as superintendent

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Dr. Angela Pringle was voted in as the new superintendent of Richmond County School System Tuesday morning.

During a special-called meeting, board members voted 7-2 to hire Pringle.

"It feels great. It's been a long process for us, and I'm glad to be at this point where we can start working on moving us forward," said School Board President Venus Cain.

Cain says with this new election, comes a historic moment for Richmond County.

"She will be the first woman superintendent that we have ever had in the history of Richmond county, and I think that she will do an excellent job. She's setting the trail for other women in the community, and she's also made history really," Cain said. 

Cain feels this is also a teaching moment for young girls.

"I think it will be great for our young girls to see that women can be successful. Hopefully this will be a motivator," she said. 

The community already has some ideas for things they would like to see Dr. Pringle work on.

"As a teacher in the district, one of the…with morale being low because of furloughs and it's very important that the issue is addressed," said Addie Pennamon.

"The biggest thing right now is the state is requiring us to pick what type of system we want to be. So I'm looking forward to us sitting down next month and really discussing what kind of system we want to be," said Cain.

While Dr. Pringle was not at the meeting today, she mentioned in the past that she has big expectations for the students of Richmond county.

"I aim high, I expect us to get to high levels of student achievement in all schools. Not some schools, but all schools," said Dr. Pringle 

Her hire is official pending her signature of a contract, which board members hope will happen sometime before the Labor Day holiday. Until Dr. Pringle takes office, Tim Spivey will serve as the Deputy Superintendent for Richmond County.

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