Run or Dye cancellation leaves participants fuming

Run or Dye cancellation leaves participants fuming

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Participants of the Run or Dye event sent emails and messages to WFXG, complaining they wouldn't be getting refunds after the event was canceled.

"It felt like someone reached their hand into my pocket, and stole my money," said Isila Lopez.

Lopez is fuming after she said she and her friends paid hundreds of dollars for admission and apparel for next months Run or Dye - only to receive this:

"I get a notice in my email that they're canceling the run, moving it to Athens if we still want to participate, that's two hours away," said Lopez.

Lopez showed us the email - which said enough participants hadn't signed up to make the Augusta event viable. Organizers also offered to have Augusta participants go to a Run or Dye event in Haines City, Florida - more than 400 miles away - or in Macon, Georgia - more than 120 miles away.

But Lopez said that's not going to work for her.

"They're still going to send us our gear," said Lopez. "I don't want the gear. I want my money back, as well as the other people who decided to participate."

Of course we reached out to organizers of the event, but only got a recorded message, advising folks with questions to email them.

So I did. But, we haven't heard back yet.

We also reached out to the Augusta Sports Council - who usually coordinates these events.

But they said they weren't involved at all in the process, and that the situation is unfortunate for participants who signed up.

"I have reason to believe Run or Dye never actually had that event scheduled in the first place," said Lopez.

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