New study shows aspirin could help reduce some cancer risks

New study shows aspirin could help reduce some cancer risks

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The FDA has reported daily aspirin use can help keep heart attacks away, and now a new study is saying it can help lower some cancer risks.

The study, released in the Oxford Journal, says an aspirin a day can help reduce the number of deaths from stomach, colorectal and esophageal cancer.

Dr. Sunil Lal, a gastroentrologist at Doctors Hospital, said the study does show some promise.

"Aspirin may be useful at reducing the incidence of cancer," he said. "The numbers vary, but about 20 percent is what some of the studies suggest at this time."

The most recent study comes from the United Kingdom and reports taking a low dose aspirin a day could reduce the number of cancer cases and cancer deaths. Dr. Lal said the properties of aspirin are what help it fight cancer.

"It does increase apoptosis, meaning it does get rid of defective cells," Dr. Lal said.

Some people, like Jim Raynack, are skeptical about the study, however.

He was once on the aspirin-a-day plan after his doctor said it could help with heart problems.

"I took it for a couple of months, and then I stopped because my blood got too thin," he said.

But he also knows people that take it daily, and he says they haven't seen any problems.

"I have friends that take baby aspirin as a daily regime. It works quite well for them, but it all depends on your individual biology I suppose," Raynack said.

Dr. Lal wants to stress that just because you take aspirin, doesn't mean you should skip the doctor.

"It doesn't mean that people should think it's a substitute for regular colonoscopy screenings, or if they have symptoms that they shouldn't seek the advice of a physician," he said.

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