Parent voices concern about Barnwell Co. playground

Parent voices concern about Barnwell Co. playground

BARNWELL COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - For Barnwell County students, school is around the corner. But some parents are concerned about the equipment on the playground at Macedonia Elementary School.

"There has been no improvement since I've been here and I've been here in this town now for 20 plus years," said Bill Deloach, a parent.

Deloach is calling for a complete overhaul of the playground.

"It's just a mess," Deloach said. "If you look at the swing set, you don't have swings hanging from the posts."

You can also see basketball hoops without rims, but what Deloach said he is most troubled by is the fact that cars pass right through the playground.

"We have a dirt road going through where our kids are out here playing," Deloach said, "which you just saw a truck passing through."

Dr. Teresa Pope, superintendent of Blackville-Hilda Public Schools, said they are aware that the playground is in need of updates but she said it's all because of a lack of funding.

"We're going to try to encourage our PTO and our school beautification committee to work on getting some new playground equipment," Pope said. "In our school budget there's no money allotted from the state for playground equipment."

Dr. Pope said they're hoping to fund raise for better equipment but she assured parents that all the equipment used by students has been tested and is safe.

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