Local group protests violence in the Middle East

Local group protests violence in the Middle East

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - As tension continues along the Gaza Strip, the death toll is rapidly increasing but one local group is hoping that their voice is heard.

The CSRA Peace Alliance peacefully protested on the corner of 15th Street and Walton Way earlier today.

"We're going to continue the same tragedy until we see a political solution for both sides," said David Matos, a member of the group.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza hits close to home for Matos.

His colleague, a student at Columbia College, recently lost relatives in the turmoil.

"Her parents, two brothers and a small nephew [were] killed in this violence," Matos said.

Violence that prompted Matos and others, part of the CSRA Peace Alliance, to shed some light on the situation, in a peaceful protest Friday afternoon.

"There's still violence going on in Gaza," Matos said. "We don't support any of that violence, either side of the violence. What we want is peace and we're here to voice that."

Matos said it's not easy to say who is at fault but he did say all acts of war between the two countries is too an American problem.

"There are people on both sides, on the Israeli and Palestinian sides, of this conflict that are affected, who live here, in the CSRA area," said Matos.

Matos also said the CSRA Peace Alliance will continue to protest for as long as the violence continues.

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