Deputies: Woman finds video of sexual encounter between her boyfriend, daughter

Deputies: Woman finds video of sexual encounter between her boyfriend, daughter

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A 47-year-old man is behind bars after his girlfriend found cell phone video of a sexual encounter between him and her daughter, according to a Richmond County Sheriff's Office incident report.

Nigel Lawrence Dalbert of Waynesboro is charged with child molestation, according to the sheriff's office.

Deputies responded to Dalbert's girlfriend's house around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to an incident report. The woman told deputies she was going through Dalbert's cell phone when she found video of him in a sexual act with her 15-year-old daughter.

The woman said she started to yell at Dalbert, and he took the cell phone and left the house.

Laurie Greer and her 15-year-old daughter Sydney Soto were shocked when we told them what put Dalbert behind bars.

"That's horrifying. That's beyond horrifying, I can't imagine that happening to my daughter," Greer said.

"It's scary, like I can't imagine that happening to anyone around me or myself because, I don't know it just seems scary," Soto said.

Unfortunately incidences like this happen everyday, and kids may be too afraid to go to their parents to tell them what's really going on. Which is why Laurie and Sydney both agree that having an open line of communication between child and parent is so important.

"It's the most important thing in my life is to have a good relationship with my daughter," said Greer. "I didn't have the best relationship with my mother growing up, so I knew I was going to do things different with my daughter."

"Something that serious I would definitely feel like I had to tell someone because that's not right to happen in anyone's life," said Sydney.

Laurie is just thankful that the mother looked at the phone when she did.

"Obviously something told that mom that she needed to look through his phone, and thank god she did. Who knows how much farther he would have taken it other than just a video," she said.

Dalbert was booked at the Richmond County jail Wednesday.

We did reach out to the Child Advocacy Center here in Augusta, but the executive director was out of town and not available for comment.

We will of course continue to follow any updates on this story, so be sure to stay with us here and on our website for any updates.

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