Aiken resident worried about roads, wants them cleaned up

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Joe Gleaton moved to Aiken five years ago, but he's worried for his family now more than he was before.

"People out riding bicycles and walking have to walk in the middle of the highway," Gleaton said. "There's no room for them. Limbs are hanging out in the highway and they don't have a choice."

Gleaton said overgrown brush makes it hard for drivers to see on Converse, Powderhouse, Wrights Mill and Redds Branch roads.

"I saw one lady run into a ditch to keep from hitting somebody," Gleaton said.

Gleaton said he called the South Carolina Department of Transportation in Aiken, but never got a response. He then called the Columbia office and filed a complaint.

Gleaton said district engineer Jeff Ellison called him back and he took Ellison on a tour of the roads.

"He drew them out on a map and said it was totally unacceptable," Gleaton said.

Gleaton said Ellison then told him the roads would be cleaned up in three weeks.

"Three weeks was up Tuesday and there's no evidence of it being cleaned up," Gleaton said. "I worry about members of my family getting hurt. It would be a different story if there was a justifiable cause for these roads getting like this."

WFXG reached out to the district engineer, but did not hear back.

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