High 5 4 Kids: Tyler Abbott

High 5 4 Kids: Tyler Abbott

HARLEM, GA (WFXG) - Tyler Abbott wants to pursue a career in law enforcement.

"My goal after high school is to become a Georgia State Patrol and basically be in law enforcement," Abbott said.

In fact, he's always been interested in becoming a trooper from a very young age.

"My uncle flew an airplane for Georgia State Patrol and that's kind of what made me say 'Hey, I wouldn't mind doing this as an occupation,'" Abbott said.

The Harlem High School senior is the youngest member of the Harlem Department of Public Safety Citizens on Patrol ride-along program.

"What you do is you just go out and ride the roads with the officer," explained Abbott. "Observe what he does and what he looks for and all that."

And those who supervise him, says he's a vital part of their team.

"He's very impressionable. He likes to ask questions and things of that nature. Most of the officers really like riding with him," said Chief Gary Jones, with the Harlem Department of Public Safety. "He's the youngest that has came forward and he's certainly, out of the ones we have, he's in the top two or three that show up the most to ride."

And his hard work has started to leave an impression on his community.

"For the most part people do recognize me. I've had a couple people walk up to me and shake my hand, saying 'Hey, how are you doing?' and all of that," Abbott said.

After graduation, Abbott says he will attend the police academy in Atlanta.

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