Extreme weather may cause heatstroke

Extreme weather may cause heatstroke

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It's about to get hot out there and those few days of excessive heat are approaching quickly and with excessive heat comes the potential of heatstroke.

"Usually your body temperature, once it reaches to 104 degrees, starts causing damage," said Bruce Bailey a registered nurse and paramedic at Doctors Hospital of Augusta.

The increasing temperatures can cause damages to the brain, kidneys and other vital organs, Bailey said.

Your body temperature can rise in the summer in a number of ways.

"Sitting in a parked car with the engine off," is one way Bailey said. "That can really cause you to increase your temperature very rapidly. Also sunburn can cause your skin to lose its ability to cool your body."

Bailey also shared a few signs to look for, to see if a person is suffering from heat stroke, like an altered mental state.

"They may also have a difference in sweating," Bailey said. "They may be sweating prior and now they're not sweating. Also nausea, vomiting, flushed skin; rapid breathing rapid heartbreak. Those are some of the signs we look for."

If a person is experiencing this, in addition to calling 9-1-1, Bailey said this is what you should immediately do.

"You need to make sure you get into a cool, dry area," said Bailey. "Loosen all your restrictive clothing - all your boots, your belts, necklaces."

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