Illegal drug deaths on the rise in GA

Illegal drug deaths on the rise in GA

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - More than 100 people in Georgia died from illegal drugs last year according to a new report released from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

According to the report, methamphetamine and cocaine were the two most common illegal drugs found in toxicology tests the GBI performed last year.

Sgt. Allan Rollins is a narcotics investigator for Richmond County and said these drugs are on the rise, and that the community needs to help to stop these deaths from becoming a growing trend.

"It's everywhere. I'm not just saying Richmond County, I'm saying it's Columbia County, it's Burke County, it's Jefferson County, everybody has this problem," Sgt. Rollins said.

He says it's just too easy for people to get their hands on the drugs, which is why methamphetamine and cocaine use are on the rise.

"With methamphetamine its just easy to make anymore. You go on the Internet and get the instructions off of it. It's common household stuff for the most part. Cocaine, there's a drug culture that has access to it in Atlanta, Miami, there's some of it coming out of California, some of it directly from Mexico. It's so easy to get their hands on it now and there are so many connections where they can go and get it," he said.  

According to the GBI, 106 people died in 2013 because of illegal drugs. Now, the narcotics team is going to schools to educate kids on the dangers of these drugs.

"We do the PowerPoint with the faces of meth and we bring up the actual drugs and we show them exactly what it looks like," said Sgt. Rollins.

But to really help cut down on these numbers, police need your help.

"They live there. They're there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can't be. So if they don't call us and tell us what's going on in their community, a lot of times we don't know," he said.

To make an anonymous tip through the Richmond County tip hotline, call 706-828-DRUG (3784), or to call the narcotics division call 706-821-1400. To make an anonymous tip online through the Sheriff's Office, click here.

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