NASCAR NOTES: Earnhardt Completes the Sweep at Pocono

NASCAR NOTES: Earnhardt Completes the Sweep at Pocono
Glenn Campbell - "The Lugnut Cowboy"
Glenn Campbell - "The Lugnut Cowboy"

LONG POND, PA (WFXG) - After getting lucky in his first win at Pocono a few weeks ago, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was determined to show that his team could win one on its own this time around.

Earnhardt might have benefited from bad luck for fellow driver Brad Keselowski in the first Pocono race but, there was no shadow over this win as Earnhardt pulled away from the field to sweep both races at the "Tricky Triangle".

"We got a little luck on the win last time with Keselowski hitting the debris," said the proud race winner. "We wanted to be in the driver's seat this go round with a faster car and they did that."

The credit didn't all go to Earnhardt as great pit strategy gave him the opportunity to be out front after a 15 car pileup eliminated a lot of the race contenders.

"Steve did a great job, really, with his strategy to get in that position," bragged Jr. on his team efforts. "We're not in that position just on car alone. We had a fast car, and I drove a good race, but Steve's strategy gave us a chance to win."

Kevin Harvick was part of those caught up in the big wreck but, he was able to keep his car on track and drove that damaged car to a second place finish.

"It wasn't too bad of damage. They were able to beat it out and in the end, top it off before we went green," commented Harvick on his race car. "So it was fun. Car wasn't obviously quite as good after we wrecked it, but still they did a great job fixing it."

The win was Earnhardt's third of the season and places him as the number one seed headed into the Chase. However, Dale knows that being on top does not mean a lot once the Chase starts.

"The garage is full of great competitors, and the Chase is going to be different than we have ever seen," continued Earnhardt. "No one knows how it's going to be, we all have our predictions, we'll see who is right."

Despite the success on the track this season, Earnhardt seems even prouder of how his team has jelled off the track as well.

"I mean every individual you work with, to try to make their day easier, try to make their job easier, try to help them be better at their job," explained the race winner. "We all do that for each other and I think the team clicks on all cylinders."

It is that type of teamwork that could propel NASCAR's most popular driver to his first Cup Series title. Time will tell but if he can pull it off, there will be some wild times across Jr. Nation.

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