Georgia and South Carolina receive poor ratings in overall well-being of kids

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A recent report ranks both South Carolina and Georgia among the nation's worst states in overall well-being of children.
The Annie E. Casey Foundation published a report that ranked states based on the overall well-being of children. Both the peach and palmetto state received not so flattering listings, coming in at 42 and 45.

"Here at the boys and girls club I'm real excited that we can offer, I don't want to say a cure, but maybe a supplement to that statistic," said Shawn Risher, the Executive Director of the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Aiken. Risher said parents and schools need more help.

"There's a lot of great agencies out there helping kids," Risher said. "There's just not enough of us."

Risher said the poverty levels in our states affect the children's education.The percentage of children living in poverty in South Carolina and Georgia is 27%, well above national average of 23%. He added that fixing that statistic, will increase the overall well-being of kids.  

"It's going to help us keep kids out of prison, off the streets, out of trouble, reduce our crime, reduce our welfare statistics. Our job is to make these children better, caring, productive citizens."

He said it's going to take the entire community to make a change. The boys and girls club in Aiken is at full capacity with a lengthy waiting list. Risher said once organizations like his gets more funding, they'll be able to help more children, and rankings will see a positive change.

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