High 5 4 Kids: Andrew Wilson

High 5 4 Kids: Andrew Wilson

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School student Andrew Wilson is a 16-year-old with a bright future.

"Andrew will have a welding certificate in December, " TCM math teacher and swim coach Ellen Ribock said.

Wilson is enrolled in an Underwater Welding Certificate program, takes his core classes and is on the swim team. But Ribock said he doesn't just think about his future.

"Andrew probably picked up on swimming the quickest, but he was helping others," Ribock said.

She said Andrew will take time out of his practice to help other teammates become stronger swimmers. Mom Patricia said that doesn't surprise her.

"That's Andrew," she said. "He is always trying to help someone else and improve someone else."

But if you ask Andrew, he will give all the credit to mom, dad and his teachers.

"I had help," Wilson said. "My mom, dad and Ms. Ribock helped me."

Andrew said he's thinking about college, and he'll already have credit due to dual enrollment if that's what he decides. Mom said no matter what he picks, she's one proud parent.

"I would love to see him go to Underwater Welding School," Patricia said, "But if he were to decide he wants to do something else, I'll support that."

Andrew was part of the inaugural freshman class of TCM and was also a member of the first ever sports team for the school.

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