Tax-free weekend coming up for GA, SC shoppers

Tax-free weekend coming up for GA, SC shoppers

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Tax-free weekend is coming up for Georgia and South Carolina shoppers.

The back-to-school sales tax holiday is set for Aug. 1 and 2 in Georgia and Aug. 1-3 in South Carolina.

During those times, shoppers won't have to pay local and state sales tax on a variety of items, including clothes, school supplies and technology such as computers and printers.

"It's really nice for teachers but its wonderful for parents especially if they have more than one child. It adds up," said Nancy Cowart is an English teacher at Fox Creek High School.

Cowart takes advantage of the tax breaks every year.

"It allows me to stock my classrooms  and keep things there for the kids who forget to bring things, and who can't afford to buy things As a teacher we have to. Most teachers spend probably thousands of dollars of their own money every year for our classrooms."

Taxes will be waived in Georgia on Friday and Saturday. South Carolina's tax exemption lasts one day longer, which may attract some Georgia shoppers.

"We're excited about this weekend and our customers are going to be excited coming into our stores," Billy Bloom, a shift-manager at Wal-Mart in North Augusta said. "We've made sure we're in stock on items that they're going to need for back to school."

Retailers in the Palmetto state spent all week, getting ready for the influx of shoppers.

"We plan to have all of our registers fully running all weekend long for back to school. We anticipate a lot larger than last year," said Bloom."

Georgia officials said the tax exemption applies to computers, software worth less than $1,000, clothes and shoes worth less than $100 per item, and school supplies worth less than $20 per item. According to the department of revenue, there isn't a price maximum on items bought in South Carolina.

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