Midlands Fatherhood Coalition helps bring local families together

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - A new program in Aiken is working with the Family Court System and the Department of Social Services to help bring families together.

The Midlands Fatherhood Coalition is new in town. Darrell Payne said their goal is to help fix a problem that plagues many homes.

"We all know the statistics of children who do not have their fathers in their home or in their lives," Payne said. "We actually came to Aiken recently per the judges and also DSS child support enforcement."

We reached out to Aiken's Family Court and Child Support. They said in a statement to us the coalition is beneficial to the entire community. It will save taxpayers dollars, reduce overcrowding in county detention centers, and help strengthen families. Payne said an active father can make a huge difference.

"If they just had their fathers in their lives, a lot of times the teen pregnancy rate goes down, the likelihood of a child using drugs actually goes down," Payne said.

Non-custodial fathers enter the program either by court order or voluntarily...they get assistance with child support, visitation, and even help with employment.

"Looking at the whole picture, overall,  with a father being involved in the life of their children it that makes the whole family that much better and that much stronger."

Payne said knowing that they're influencing the lives of children, through their fathers, is rewarding.

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