Community hosts BBQ and concert to help five-year-old Alex Moore

Community hosts BBQ and concert to help five-year-old Alex Moore

APPLING, GA (WFXG) - We first told you about Alex Moore a few weeks ago, when his church held a bone marrow drive with the hopes of finding a match to help Alex battle aplastic anemia, a disease affecting only one or two people per million in the United States each year.

Thankfully, Alex's condition is getting better, but he's still undergoing transfusions and antibiotic treatments as his family and doctors search through the bone marrow registry for a match.

The community came together again Saturday night to help Alex, but this time it was through a BBQ and benefit concert.

Pastor Matthew Moore, Alex's dad, says he didn't even know the event was happening until a church member told him about it.

"Today is great evidence of everything that we have been able to experience with what this community has done," he says.

The Pickin for Alex BBQ and Benefit Concert brought out hundreds of people helping to support Alex in his battle against aplastic anemia.

Alex's parents came out to the event tonight and say the support from the CSRA has been more than they could imagine.

"It's very humbling to know that our son is being loved more than we can love him. We know how much we love him, and he's being loved even more than what we can even give him," says Alex's mom Ivy Moore. 

"Parents are telling us 'I would do this if this was my child, I keep putting myself in the situation.' It's humbling, it's very humbling to see people put somebody else above them self," says Pastor Moore. 

Alex is in his second month of hospital visits, and is receiving transfusions every six to ten days. But this hasn't dampened his spirits, because he knows he has thousands of people supporting him.

"Alex loves seeing his picture in the newspaper and he loves seeing himself on TV, he gets very excited about those things. And he's getting presents from his friends and when daddy walks in the door and has a present for him he'll say 'People love me!' and I say, 'Yes people love you.' And he says 'That's cause I'm cute,' "Ivy says with a laugh. 

For church members and the Moore family, the power of prayer has been a constant reminder of how close the community has become during this time.

"The support, the community has really come together. The church members have come together and it's really brought us a lot closer together as a family," says church member Kathy Eubanks. 

"When you're at your weakest, you know somebody else is praying for you, it does something for your faith," says Ivy.

If you would like to find out more about how you can support Alex and see how he's doing, visit his Facebook page, and to help by donating  bone marrow, click here for more information.

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