Local farmers talk about the nationwide fruit recall

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Local farmers talked to us about the latest fruit recall and how they work hard to insure the fruit and veggies they sell are safe.

Wawona Packing Company, A California based business voluntarily recalled nectarines, plums and pluots nationwide. They're potentially contaminated with a bacteria called listeria. Matthew Shackleton, Executive Chef at doctor's hospital says this type of bacteria contamination is not that uncommon.

"As much as processing plants can try and make all the right steps, they can't be monitored 24/7," Shackleton said. "These things kind of just slip through the cracks."

We spoke to a local farmer who's family has been in the fruit farming business for decades. Tim Bledsoe said there's a big difference between small, local produce operations, and that of a large company.

"We're really selective about what we put out on display for sale. we grade through everything. We look at every peach that we put on display," Bledsoe said.

They sell about 25 tons of peaches each summer. From the field to the fruit stand, each peach is handpicked, and hand inspected at least three times. When it comes to preventing bacterial contamination, Bledsoe says their process makes a big difference.

"Our peaches, aren't run through any kind of processing facility where they're exposed to other fruit or other food items," said Bledsoe.

Even though their products are a bit pricier than the grocery store produce, Bledsoe says he's confident that they handle their products as safely as possible.

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