Red carpet movie premiere gives Augustans hope

Red carpet movie premiere gives Augustans hope

No one was more excited about this red carpet event than people who live in Augusta. Some folks told WFXG that the city is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

"We are the biggest James brown fans in the world," said Mary Bryans as she picked up her tickets to see the James Brown biopic. "We're so excited. We're going to get on up today!"

"I feel good. I feel real good," Augusta-Richmond County Commissioner Alvin Mason said. This is a great opportunity for Augusta Georgia to showcase what it is that we have here."

Mary Bryans and Commissioner Alvin Mason are just two of many Augustans who are ecstatic that the Hollywood red carpet came down to Augusta. For most of them, it's a very proud moment.

"It means a lot for the city because we get a chance for something besides just golf and everyone looking to the city for just golf and we get showcase that there's a lot more here besides just that," Travis Benzler said.

Other James Brown fans said it incites feelings of hope, that the premiere is opening doors for even bigger possibilities.

"I hope that it will bring more premieres not just because someone is from Augusta but hopefully its a jump start for things to come," Travis Benning said.

"I'm hoping they see that it's a good city," Tiffany Brown said. "You know, it's the second largest city in Georgia, besides Atlanta. I'm hoping that we can get more things like that down here and that they appreciate Augusta as much as they appreciate Atlanta."

The money from the ticket sales is going to the James Brown Family Foundation.

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