Locals react to newly elected officials, ask for changes

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The results are in after Tuesday night's runoff election. Citizens said they're hoping for changes to infrastructure and more clean-up efforts downtown from officials.

"A lot of business owners do come down here to clean, but we need more help," Giles Riddick said.

Harold Jones II won the State Senator District 22 Democratic Seat against Corey Johnson. Ben Hasan won the District Six Commission Seat in Augusta-Richmond County.

Commissioner Elect Hasan said he'll focus on fixing roads. Downtown business owner Syd Padgett said he wants to see it happen.

"Infrastructure is a big thing," Padgett said. "The sidewalks, the streets and keeping up land value; I think those are really big issues.

Padgett said he made sure to get out and vote, but he was looking for a specific quality in a candidate.

"I was looking at whether they're trying to support the area," Padgett said.

But the turnout wasn't high, according to officials. A little more than three thousand people voted early.

"I wish everybody would get out and vote," Padgett said. "It doesn't happen in a runoff election much, but I would love to see people get out and see what a powerful tool it is."

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