High 5 4 Kids: Julia Nelson

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - For four years, Sharon Mayfield has been watching her student Julia Nelson transform.

"Julia the first day of school was amazing and Julia now is absolutely ready. She's ready to hit the big time."

Julia just graduated from Davidson Fine Arts.

"Dance is absolutely my passion," Julia said. "It's my safe place. It gives me the ability to share a connection with the audience and it gives me a voice."

She's going from dancing at her high school, to the Boston Conservatory performing arts school.

"I'm ready to do great things. I'm ready to make my family proud and make my teachers proud and really show that even a kid from Augusta can go off and do great things," she said.

She's one of thirty girls chosen from across the country. Sharon calls Julia her 'star'...and not just because of her dancing abilities.

"Her commitment, her passion, her blood sweat and tears," Mayfield said. "She never gives up."

Julia said after college, she wants to dance for a company and tour the world.

"As a teenager, I think I don't want to come back to Augusta. I want to go as far as possible but, just when I think about my journey and the struggles I've dealt with about now really having that many opportunities. How wrong would that be to not come back and give back to my city."

Her dream is to create more dance opportunities here in Augusta for girls just like her. Julia is trying to help her family pay for her school. If you want to help Julia accomplish her dreams, go to her GoFundMe account.

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